Death Penalty Overview

"I can’Death Penalty bedt accept the judgment that killers need to be killed, a practice that merely perpetuates the cycle of violence...retribution cannot light the way to the genuine healing that we need in the wake of heinous acts of violence." Bernice A. King, daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.

NACDL Executive Director, Norman L. Reimer recently gave a brief interview about why he is opposed to the death penalty.  


Pending State Legislation: Alabama – SB 248, Arizona – SB 1067, Delaware – SB 19, Georgia – HB 96, Kansas – SB 126, Kansas – HB 2397, Kentucky – SB 77, Missouri – SB 775, Missouri – HB 1524, Missouri – HB 1240, Nebraska – LB 543, New Hampshire – HB 1170, Ohio – HB 385, Pennsylvania – SB 1087, Washington – HB 1504, Washington – SB 5372 

CLE Programs


NACDL's 16th Annual Making the Case for Life Seminar, "MITIGATION AND JURY SELECTION IN CAPITAL CASES" will be held at the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel, October 22-25, 2014. 

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