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Book Review: With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful
In his latest book, Glenn Greenwald argues that when it comes to holding the political elite in Washington accountable for their criminal conduct, the notion of equal justice under the rule of law has been abandoned. The criminal laws are simply not applied against our nation’s most powerful elites, and to them, these laws have become “nothing more than advice or recommendation.” The result is an erosion of our only real guarantee against tyranny.
By Booth M. Ripke in September/October 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD’s Secret Spying Unit and Bin Laden’s Final Plot Against America
With the assistance of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, journalists have had a treasure trove of data from which to write stories about actions taken by the U.S. government post-9/11. These actions, always characterized as having been taken “to keep Americans safe,” have in many instances been directed at Americans. This reporting has sparked a healthy debate about the scope of the national security state that has arisen in the United States in reaction to the horrific terrorist attack on New York City in 2001.
By Barry J. Pollack in September/October 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Manifest Injustice: The True Story of a Convicted Murderer and the Lawyers Who Fought for His Freedom
Manifest Injustice is energetic, engaging, and emotional. The true tale of a murder mystery spanning half a century, it contrasts shoddy police work with energetic investigation by law students. It is a tale  featuring hope and despair, and is an incredible saga for 21st century, scientifically savvy America.
By Susan Elizabeth Reese in January/February 2014
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Yardbird USA: How the United States Became The World’s Leading Jailer

Yardbird USA is a satirical look into the policy of the United States on incarceration. Jack Cline uses the Pennsylvania criminal justice system and its sentencing scheme as an example of the problems faced by the nation.

By Brock Benjamin in December 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Whiskey Island

Many county officials in Greater Cleveland — including a judge or two — have been charged with such federal crimes as bribery and money laundering and violating the public trust; some have been convicted, some still await trial, a few await sentencing. Les Roberts fictionalizes these events in Whiskey Island, his 14th novel featuring private investigator Milan Jacovich (MY-lan YOCK-o-vich).

By Gail Gianasi Natale in November 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Federal Prison: A Comprehensive Survival Guide

If you have clients who are about to begin a federal prison sentence, Jonathan Richards’ book, Federal Prison: A Comprehensive Survival Guide, could alleviate some of their anxiety by providing them and their families with useful information about what to expect from prison life. The book also is a valuable resource for attorneys who would like to be able to answer clients’ questions about prison or who simply want to know more about the conditions clients experience in prison.

By Ann L. Hester in November 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Failed Evidence: Why Law Enforcement Resists Science

As of this writing, the Innocence Project lists 311 exonerations. If that number is extrapolated to cases in which DNA was unavailable, the number of wrongful convictions becomes far greater. Yet — except in rare instances — law enforcement officials have alarmingly failed to identify this as a systemic problem. A curious position, given that when the wrong person is convicted the real criminal roams free, possibly committing more crimes. Why do these officials remain so resistant to the growing body of scientific evidence that exposes defective practices and can guide much-needed reforms?


By Tony Bornstein in November 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Deal With the Devil: The FBI’s Secret 30-Year Relationship With a Mafia Killer

As noted in a 2006 review of Triple Cross, his most recent book on counterterrorism, “Peter Lance is the last of a dying breed: an investigative reporter who is disciplined enough to devote half a decade in pursuit of the truth. A newsman cut from the same cloth as the legendary journalist I.F. ‘Izzy Stone.’ A gumshoe reporter who still pounds the pavement and relies heavily on public documents to present the facts.”

By Darryl Genis in November 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Child Abuse and Its Mimics in Skin and Bone
Child Abuse and Its Mimics in Skin and Bone is a book that outlines bone and skin conditions that mimic and could be mistaken for actual physical abuse in children. The book was written by medical doctors with collective expertise in forensic radiology, pediatrics, and dermatology. Its stated design is for anyone who is confronted with the task of sorting out abuse from nonabuse in child injury cases, but the technical language of the book does make some of its content a real challenge for nonclinicians. This book is not designed as a quick read on the subject of defending child injury cases, but rather is more of a text reference that could be called upon as a resource when a specific skin or bone injury arises.
By Brandon Sanchez in November 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys and the Dawn of a New America
In Lake County, Fla., in 1949 a white woman of dubious moral character accuses four young black men of rape. It’s a tragic cliché: The KKK and corrupt government officials. A media circus. A trial. Conviction. Sentence of death.
By Maureen L. Rowland in August 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
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