Issues of The Champion published in 2013

Issues of The Champion published in 2013

January/February 2013

Learn how to conduct a 30-minute voir dire and how to strengthen your Fourth Amendment arguments after the decision in United States v Jones.

March 2013

This month learn how (1) to help medical experts do their best for the defense; (2) to prepare for the prosecution’s expert; and (3) to protect the work of defense consultants.

April 2013

Learn how two Georgia defense attorneys handled a sexsomnia case and read about two cases that paved a path for the defense to challenge the admission of evidence from nontestifying forensic experts.

May 2013

Brady v Maryland requires prosecutors to provide a person accused of crime with all favorable information that might affect the case Fifty years after this ruling the failure to satisfy Brady obligations is commonplace Why? What can be done about it?

June 2013

Is a quick plea offer ever in the best interest of the defendant? How can the defense conduct an internal corporate investigation that satisfies the government?

July 2013

Scientific evidence can seem daunting. with proper preparation, however, defense lawyers can master scientific evidence just as they master the other critical evidence in their cases.

August 2013

What Fifth Amendment issues are implicated when the government wants to compel an individual to provide a password to an encrypted computer or otherwise permit access to its unencrypted contents?  

September/October 2013

Do wiretap challenges have a bright future after the Rajaratnam case? What age-related considerations support arguments for sentencing leniency?  

November 2013

Effectively representing a client during the plea negotiation process requires more time, skill, and effort than many lawyers give it.

December 2013

Every criminal defendant tried by a jury has the right to have that jury selected from a fair cross-section of the community. Defense attorneys can raise a fair cross-section claim under the Sixth Amendment, state constitutions and statutes, and the Jury Selection and Service Act.