Issues of The Champion published in 2018

Issues of The Champion published in 2018

January-February 2018

What are the problems associated with (1) verifying geo-location information and (2) obtaining evidence from portable electronic devices such as fitness trackers?

March 2018

How accurate is ShotSpotter technology? Can it identify a specific location where a gun has been discharged? Can it pinpoint a specific person?

April 2018

When representing a noncitizen client, it is essential that defense attorneys understand the adverse immigration consequences of drug offenses.

May 2018

Probabilistic genotyping software programs analyze complex DNA mixtures. Are these programs accurate? Does the defense have the right to see the software source code.

June 2018

What arguments can defense counsel make when a risk assessment tool recommends that a client be detained until his trial date.

July 2018

What are the basic methods for retrieving evidence from smartphones? What services can a social worker provide to the defense team.

August 2018

How can defense lawyers challenge courts and agencies that prohibit medication-assisted treatment for people under criminal justice supervision.

September-October 2018

Counsel’s strategy at an SEC proceeding will be different from counsel’s game plan in a criminal forum, but much will be familiar to the criminal defense lawyer.

November 2018

Although a prosecutor has a nondelegable duty to learn of Brady evidence in a case, a defense lawyer cannot count on the prosecutor to go out and look for evidence that will free the defendant.

December 2018

What are some of the current investigative techniques – including Enhanced 911 tracking and the collection of data from “smart” devices – that may be ripe for constitutional challenges after the Carpenter decision.