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Mental Illness & the Law - A 14-Episode Web Series


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Program Summary:

The cases are complex, the clients are challenging, and the stakes are high. Whether it is insanity, impairment, a disorder, or adolescent brain development; mental health and intellectual competence issues affect pretrial supervision, trial and sentencing, and your chances of successfully advocating for your impaired client.

Whether you are a public defender, private practitioner, or your practice is largely white collar, you undoubtedly deal on a daily basis with clients with various mental health issues. A lawyer’s understanding of the current science and available treatments is essential, and being able to use that information can be the key to effective and successful representation in all stages of the process.

This 14-episode web series training provides some of the nation’s most experienced lawyers and experts to help you understand these issues, offer ideas and proven solutions to assist you in advocating for your client during trial, whether it be insanity defenses, jury selection, cross of expert witnesses, persuasion, or mitigation at sentencing.  

DATES: Access Any time
DURATION: Approx. 14 hours
FLEXIBILITY: Registrants will have access for 21 days to complete all the episodes

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Webinar link will be sent to you in a confirmation email. 

CLE: This training may be eligible for self-study CLE credit, where authorized. The program is eligible for credit in the following states: Alabama (13.8), Arizona (13.75), Arkansas (13.75), California (13.75), Colorado (17), Delaware (13.8), Florida (17.50), Georgia (13.5), Idaho (13.75), Iowa (13.75), Kansas (16.50), Maine (13.83), Minnesota (13.75), Mississippi (13.8), Missouri (16.5), Montana (5), Nebraska (13.75), Nevada (13.5), New Jersey (pending), New Mexico (4), New York (16.5), Oklahoma (16.5), Oregon (13.75), Pennsylvania (13.5), Rhode Island (6), Tennessee (13.83), Utah (13.5), Washington (13.75), West Virginia (16.6), Wyoming (13.75).


  1. Investigation & Mitigation in Mental Health Cases: The Story of James Holmes - Tamara Brady (Greeley, CO)
  2. Voir Dire on Mental Health Issues - George Parnham (Houston, TX)
  3. Effective Cross Examination of the State’s Experts - Damon Parrish II (Houston, TX)
  4. Challenging Confessions of Mentally Vulnerable Clients - Deja Vishny (Milwaukee, WI)
  5. Mental Health Issues at Sentencing - Colette Tvedt (Denver, CO)
  6. Adolescent Brain Development - Christopher Sailer (Houston, TX)
  7. Representing Clients on the Autism Spectrum - Mark Mahoney (Buffalo, NY)
  8. Effectively Preparing & Examining Mental Health Experts - John T. Philipsborn (San Francisco, CA)
  9. Understanding Language Impairments Among Our Clients: Why You Should Care - Prof. Michele Lavigne (Madison, WI)
  10. Defending a Client with Dementia - Elizabeth Kelley (Spokane, WA)
  11. Criminal Mitigation Strategies for Borderline Personality Disorder - Mark Silver (New York, NY)
  12. Cross Examining Experts on Competency - David W. Thompson, Ph.D., ABPP (Burlington, WI)
  13. Racism, Discrimination and Mental Health - Dr. Antoinette E. Kavanaugh, Ph.D., ABPP (Chicago, IL)
  14. Invisible Wounds: Representing Active-Duty Military and Veterans - Edward Ungvarsky (Alexandria, VA)


Tamara Brady (Greeley, CO)
Dr. Antoinette E. Kavanaugh, Ph.D., ABPP (Chicago, IL)
Elizabeth Kelley (Spokane, WA)
Prof. Michele Lavigne (Madison, WI)
Mark Mahoney (Buffalo, NY)
George Parnham (Houston, TX)
Damon Parrish II (Houston, TX)
John T. Philipsborn (San Francisco, CA)
Christopher Sailer (Houston, TX)
Mark Silver, MA, MSW, LCSW, PsyD, JD (New York, NY)
David W. Thompson, Ph.D., ABPP (Burlington, WI)
Colette Tvedt (Denver, CO)
Edward Ungvarsky (Alexandria, VA)
Deja Vishny (Milwaukee, WI)

CLE Information

NACDL is an accredited provider of CLE in all states requiring mandatory CLE Training. NACDL will apply for at least 13 general credit hours in every state requiring pre-approval. Approved hours for each state will be identified at the seminar. Some states, IL, GA, NC, NE, NM, PA and UT require additional fees by the attendee in order to receive credit.


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