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Best of the Best 2022 Web Series


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NACDL has compiled its 17 highest-rated training programs and speakers from the entire the year into an online, on-demand CLE web-series you can watch on-demand, at any time! 

This special 17-episode web series includes the highest-rated speakers and presentations from all NACDL seminars throughout 2022 - as rated by seminar attendees. All presentations include written materials consisting of detailed outlines, relevant law articles, case law citations, sample documents and more. 

Rest assured, you will find each of these presentations as interesting and informative as those who saw them LIVE! These presentations cover a wide-variety of issues and hot topics in criminal defense.  See what made these the highest-rated sessions of the year by registering an watching today!

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Presentations Included:
1. The Power of Storytelling | James Smith
2. Othering and Complicit Counsel | Eric Davis
3. Race and Voir Dire | Michael Heiskell
4. Convicted, Committed, Condemned: Defending Sexually Violent Persons (SVP) | Richard Jones
5. Policing as Trauma: Litigating Race, Stereotype Threat and the Traumatic Effects of Policing in Communities of Color | Kristin Nicole Henning
6. Preparing for Sentencing, at the Beginning, Using Effective Storytelling | Jennifer Sellitti
7. Cross-Examination - The Scientific Art | Jason Downs
8. Fair Cross-Sectional Challenges | Nina Chernoff
9. The Art of Indirection: The Secret to Direct Examination | Guy Cardamone
10. The Busy Lawyer's Update on Federal Evidence and Forensics | Rene Valladares
11. Grief and Forgiveness: Parallel Points and the Impact on Our Clients | Lori James-Townes
12. Cross-Examination of the Snitch | Robert Fickman
13. Winning With Persuasive Demonstrative Evidence at Trial | Carmen Roe
14. Forensic Mental Health: Utilization of Experts | Dr. Gimel Rogers
15. Auto Stop Motions to Suppress | Justin Rosas
16. DNA & Serology | Laura Schile
17. Beating a Stacked Deck: Attacking Electronic Evidence in Digital Searches | Tim Zerillo

DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: Approx. 17 hours
FLEXIBILITY: Registrants will have 21 days to complete the training
CLE: This training is currently eligible for credit in the following states: Alabama (16.5), Arizona (16.5), Arkansas (16.5), California (16.5), Georgia (16.5), Mississippi (16.6), Nevada (16.5), New Jersey (19.9), New Mexico (16.5), New York (19.9), North Carolina (16.5), North Dakota (16.5 self-study), Oklahoma (20), Pennsylvania (16.5), Tennessee (pending), South Carolina (pending), Utah (16.5), Vermont (16.5).

Please contact Kaylie Arntson at for inquiries about your state.



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