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DUI DEFENSE: Mastering the Science & Technique


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The admissibility of certain evidence in DUI cases is the subject of great dispute. The so-called scientific chemical testing of blood, breath, or urine, play a significant role in the outcome of a jury trial because the mere presence of “evidence” and expert testimony, perceived to be scientific, possesses significant power to persuade jurors. This 13-hour NACDL Web Series features nationally renowned experts and lawyers with extensive scientific and practical courtroom experience. You will learn about modern DUI science, its limitations, and how to fight against and invalidate the subjective nature of SFSTs with effective trial skills.

DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: Approx. 13 hours
CLE: These training videos may be eligible for self-study CLE credit, where authorized. The program is currently eligible for credit in the following states: Alaska (11.75), Arizona (11.75), Arkansas (11.75), California (11.75), Colorado (14), Connecticut (11.75), Illinois (11.75), Missouri (14), New Hampshire (11.75), New York (14), North Carolina (11.75), North Dakota (11.75), Oregon (11.75), Texas (11.75), Vermont (11.75), Virgin Islands (14), Washington (3). 


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  1. Gas Chromatography for Jurors | Suzanne C. Perry
  2. Therapeutic or Impaired? Prescription Medication Issues in DUI Cases | Dr. Fran Gengo
  3. Officer's Common Mistakes Using SFSTs | Tony Palacios
  4. Understanding DREs | Ron Lloyd
  5. The Mysteries of Retrograde Extrapolation:Understanding & Overcoming Them | Joseph P. St. Louis
  6. Fundamental Principles of Breath Testing | Steven B. Epstein
  7. NHTSA's Vehicle in Motion & Personal Contact: The Two Forgotten Phases of a DUI Investigation | Tony Palacios
  8. Don't Believe Everything You Read: An Introduction to Blood Testing | Joseph P. St. Louis
  9. DUI Trial Tips & Tricks to Take Home | Denis deVlaming
  10. The ABCs of DUI: ETG, UA, IID & SCRAM | Bill Kirk
  11. NHTSA's Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) | Tony Palacios
  12. Do You Want to Know a Secret? The Hidden Treasures of Brady in DUI Cases | Denis deVlaming
  13. Botched Breath Tests | Joseph P. St. Louis
  14. Using Cross-Examination to Unlock Mysterious Experts | W. Troy McKinney



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