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Defending Child Pornography Cases - A 6-Episode Webinar Series


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This powerful program will explore the legal, technological and psychological issues when faced with defending child pornography prosecutions. You'll analyze the nuts and bolts of a child pornography case from a legal perspective, including investigation and discovery, plea negotiations, common trial defenses, sentencing factors and effective mitigation strategies. You'll also explore the various topics encountered in these difficult cases, including actual v. temporary possession, entrapment and predisposition defenses, methodology for accurate solicitation of transcripts, police and investigator errors and more. You'll also explore the 4th amendment issues present in these cases, including subpoenas and search warrant challenges and private search doctrine implications.

This program will also cover the technological aspects of file sharing and peer-to-peer networks, RoundUp computer networks, NCMEC and Cybertipline reports, hash values, IP addresses, search results servers, tracer tagging and more. You'll be provided with practice points that tie these complex technological issues back to practical legal applications you can use in court. 

Lastly, you'll learn how the psychological, sexual and technological factors combine to create a perfect storm that facilitates illegal online sexual behavior. You'll uncover mitigating factors applicable to sentencing hearings, with an emphasis on psychological research regarding risk, recidivism and amenability to treatment of the cybersex offender.

DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: Approx. 6 hours
CLE: This training is currently eligible for credit in the following states: Alabama (6), Arizona (6), Arkansas (6), California (6), Georgia (6), Kansas (6.5), Mississippi (pending), Missouri (6.7), New Jersey (pending), New Mexico (pending), New York (7.2), North Carolina (pending), North Dakota (5.5), Oklahoma (pending), Pennsylvania (6), South Carolina (5.5) Tennessee (6), Utah (6). Please contact Kaylie Arntson at for inquiries about your state.



  1. Private Search Doctrine & Modern Tech: Challenging Cybertipline Reports | Matt Curtin & Eric Eckes
  2. CyberVice: An Insight Into the World of Child Pornography Prosecution and Defense | David Seltzer
  3. Cyberoffenses: Understanding Online Sexual Offense Behavior | Dr. David Delmonico & Charles Samenow
  4. Representing the 'Worst' Clients: Child Pornography Defendants | Troy Stabenow
  5. Sentencing in Cyber-Offense and Child Pornography Cases | J.W. Carney, Jr.
  6. Forensics in Peer-to-Peer Sharing and Associated Litigation Challenges | Mo Hamoudi & Terry Lahman


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