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Live Demos - Voir Dire, Direct & Cross Examination


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Live Demonstrations have been a core component of NACDL's live CLE training seminars for years, but they've never been combined into one comprehensive program...until now.  This 10-hour program is a masterful collection of actual jury selection demonstrations incorporating real jurors, as well as direct and cross-examination demonstrations using real witnesses. 

This innovative program devoted to the art, science, and development of trial skills includes demonstrations by some of the most highly-regarded defense lawyers in the country. Discover how to cross-examine a multitude of witnesses, including the arresting officer, child witnesses, forensic experts, FST officers and more! Explore the secrets of jury de-selection, and how to eliminate the worst jurors for your case from a live jury pool. You don't want to miss this! These demos will impart new tactics and effective trial skills that can be used and applied in any kind of case by defense advocates at all experience levels. Watch acclaimed trial lawyers use their proven techniques and learn how to develop fact-based theories and supporting themes that will resonate with jurors throughout trial.

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DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: Approx. 10 hours
FLEXIBILITY: Registrants will have 21 days to complete the 10 episodes
CLE: This training MAY be eligible for credit in the following states: Alabama (8), Arizona (8.5), Arkansas (8.5), Georgia (8.5), Indiana (8.5), Mississippi (8.5), Missouri (10), Nevada (8.5), New Jersey (10.25), New Mexico (8.5), New York (10), North Carolina (8.5), North Dakota (8.5), Oklahoma (10), Pennsylvania (pending), Tennessee (8.25), South Carolina (8), Utah (8.5), Wisconsic (pending). Please contact Kaylie Arntson at for inquiries about your state.



Voir Dire & De-Selection Demo
Direct & Cross Demos
Cross of the Child Witness Demo
Interview of the Child Victim Demo
Cross of the FST with a Purpose Demo 
FST's - The Science & Cross Demos
The Colorado Method of Voir Dire Demo
Challenges to Your Expert, Combatting Cross-Examination and the State's Use of an Eyewitness ID Expert Demo
Crossing the Cop in a False Confession Case Demo
Wielding Experts as a Sword: "Out-Experting" the Prosecution Demo


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