NACDL News: NACDL Launches Public Resource for Resisting and Challenging Excessive Sentences

On May 22, 2013, NACDL launched, as a resource for its members and as a service to the public, a collection of downloadable documents that summarize for each U.S. state the key doctrines and leading court rulings setting forth constitutional and statutory limits on lengthy imprisonment terms and other extreme (noncapital) sentences. The state profiles and related materials provide a detailed snapshot of existing proportionality doctrines and jurisprudence as of fall 2012. They are intended as a resource for practitioners in all phases of the criminal justice system, for sentencing and appellate courts, for policymakers and advocates concerned with the high economic and human costs of excessively long terms of imprisonment, and for defendants facing or serving extreme prison terms. The resource — Excessive Sentencing: NACDL’s Proportionality Litigation Project — is available at