NACDL Exhibiting Opportunities

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) educational offerings are the perfect opportunity to create and grow your relationships with criminal defense law professionals. With attendees consisting of lawyers in private practice, public defenders, judges, new lawyers, and key decision-makers, by being part of this NACDL seminar, you will have the visibility that you need to meet your business goals.

Exhibiting during this unparalleled NACDL seminar demonstrates your organization’s commitment to advancing criminal justice reform and provides excellent brand visibility to hundreds of decision makers within criminal law.

By exhibiting during an NACDL event, you will:

  • Meet and develop relationships with decision-makers
  • Gain access to a dedicated, loyal, and professional audience
  • Interact with professionals in all stages of their career
  • Discuss your message face-to-face with NACDL leaders and potential clients
  • Increase your knowledge about and connection with criminal defense lawyers
  • Reach your largest target audience and grow your business!

Get your company's name and product out there, sign up to exhibit today! For more information about additional partnership and sponsorship opportunities at NACDL seminars and events contact Jason Hawthorne Petty at (202) 465-7637 or email 


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Upcoming NACDL Events

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  1. 2022 Midwinter Meeting & Seminar Cover
  2. 2022 Advanced Criminal Law Seminar Cover
  3. 2021 Annual Defending Sex Cases Training Seminar Cover
  4. 2021 Fall Seminar - Walking the Line Cover
  5. 2021 Defending Modern Drug Cases Seminar Cover
  6. 2021 DWI Means Defend With Ingenuity Seminar Cover
  7. NFCJ Gala 2021 Cover
  8. 2021 White Collar Seminar & Fall Board Meeting Cover
  9. Defending Sexual Assault Cases: A 10-Episode Webinar Series Cover
  10. Forensic Science in Criminal Law: A 10-Episode Web Series Cover
  11. Trial Advocacy & Litigation Skills Training Course: A 12-Episode Webinar Series Cover
  12. DUI DEFENSE: Mastering the Science & Technique Cover
  13. Talk to Me: Voir Dire and Jury De-Selection Cover
  14. Litigating & Challenging False Confession Cases Cover
  15. Eyewitness Memory & Identification Issues in Criminal Cases Cover

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