Race Matters II: The Impact of Race on Criminal Justice (2019)

This 2nd annual event was designed to help practitioners identify and confront issues of racial bias in our courts, the law enforcement community, by prosecutors, and yes, even the defense team. Attendees heard from trial lawyers, academics, and formerly incarcerated individuals who offered their personal perspectives, strategies, and ideas on why Race Matters. This program was created to intentionally challenge you to push the envelope on your understanding of and willingness to attack racial bias in the criminal justice system.

"Race Matters II: The Impact of Race on Criminal Justice" 
January 10-11, 2019
Los Angeles, California

Race Matters in our criminal justice system. It affects what happens from initial contact with police on the street, to the end of the case and everything in between. As part of being effective advocates for our clients, criminal defense lawyers face the challenge of confronting the difficult issues presented by race in America. This program was produced in partnership with the National Bar Association Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice Section.

Videos of presentations at the program are available below, along with any written materials associated with each presentation.






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