Stingrays and Digital Location Tracking

A cell phone’s location can be detected through cell site location information (CSLI) or global positioning system (GPS) data. CSLI refers to the information collected as a cell phone identifies its location to nearby cell towers.



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Where We Go from Here: The Third-Party Doctrine and Location Tracking After Carpenter
Megan Graham, Clinical Teaching Fellow, Samuelson Clinic for Law, Technology & Public Policy; Hon. Stephen Smith, Director of Fourth Amendment & Open Courts, Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School; Nathan Freed Wessler, Staff Attorney, ACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project

Location Privacy after Carpenter
The Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law and the Fourth Amendment Center hosted a forum discussing location and cell phone privacy after the Supreme Court ruling in Carpenter v. United States.

Cell Phone Tracking

Cell-Site Simulators

CALEA Compliance

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