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Full Disclosure Project Interest Form

This is for you to express interest in the Full Disclosure Project. There’s no commitment and there are no right or wrong answers. As capacity allows NACDL will follow up for more information to  assess the suitability of your jurisdiction/agency to participate in our Full Disclosure Project. Decisions will be made based upon the information provided. You are welcome to submit additional supporting documents that can further assist us in assessing the capacity and infrastructure your organization.

More details about the project can be found on our webpage.

Any questions regarding the Project or the application process should be directed to:

Eligible Applicants

  1. Any organization or agency whose primary mission is to provide direct representation to individuals accused of criminal offenses through court appointment, contract, or as a pro bono service at the trial, appellate, or post-conviction stages (“Public Defense Provider”); 
  2. Any organization or agency who provides oversight or support to a Public Defense Provider; or
  3. Any similar non-profit or not-for-profit organization or agency.


There are no direct costs to the agency to participate in the Project. NACDL will be making the database software and related support available to selected organizations without any fees or costs. NACDL will also be providing associated training on the operation and use of the database. Organizations, may, however, have costs associated with ensuring adequate technical infrastructure and staff to operate the database. As a part of this Project NACDL will NOT be providing hardware or funds to selected organizations. 


Interest forms are reviewed on a rolling basis as Project capacity permits. Only one application should be submitted per organization or agency.

Selection Criteria

As Project capacity permits, NACDL will follow up with an application survey and set up a meeting. Because this project requires certain legal, technical and practical infrastructure, all applications will be reviewed to assess the organization/agency’s suitability to utilize the resources of this Project. As a result, all applicants will receive notification from the Project within 30 days of their submission regarding NACDL’s assessment of their readiness, as well as feedback on steps applicants can take to improve their prospect for future consideration.

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